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  • Introduction to a Hen Night?
    A hen night is a British term for a party before a female becomes married. Other names for hen night party include a doe party in the Canada, a bachelorette  party in the United States of America. Hen nights are parties full of fun in celebration of the woman leaving “the girl pack” and joining her husband to form a new “pack”.  Things done at the hen party are similar to the stag party for the male, things that are acceptable when you are finances may not be acceptable when your married. This includes exotic dancers and strippers.

    Introduction to Hen Night Dares

    Hen night dares are a fun game to play when you are looking for a good waste of time. There are two basic ways to play hen night dares. The first is to play with a spinner or a bottle.
    Introduction to hen night dares: with a bottle or spinner.

    With a spinner or a bottle the person makes a dare and than spins. The person who is pointed at has to do the dare. This has an upside of allowing the person who is spinning the bottle or spinner to make up the dare.

    The one problem with spinning the bottle or spinner is that not everyone gets a fair turn and it can be boring for those who never get picked. A way to get around this downside is to have the person spinning “cheat” and make the bottle land on the person who has been picked the least.

    Hen Night Dare Cards

    Another way to play hen night dares is with a hen night dare cards. Hen night dare cards can be purchased at many on-line retailers, party shops or sex shops. You could also make custom cards at one of many sites, typical prices for one deck of custom made cards run about twenty five United States of America Dollars.

    If your the cheap or creative kind you could print out your own hen night cards. You could use almost any program that allows tessellations. The only problem with making your own cards is you need very stable hands to cut the paper. However the best job doesn’t have to be done because the cards are one time use and if the person shuffling the deck has never seen the cards than how would they be able to cheat?

    Hen night cards have some advantage such as you don’t have to think to play, you just sit in a circle and you read the dare for the next person than pass the cards. Everyone gets an equal turn in doing dares and reading the dares. This means it can be more fun for the person who might get left out in spin the bottle.

    One final advantage about having hen night cards is you can have a keepsake from when you played hen night cards. This keepsake can be kept and every couple of years when your cleaning your attic or basement, you might find them and think about the great time you had just before your wedding.

    Your hen night is something to be remembered, here are some hen night dares you can do that you can do depending where you are.

    Hen Night Dares for the City

    If you live in the city there are several advantages than having your hen night on a farm, epically if you and your friends are the prissy real “girly girl” type.

    Timid Hen Night Dares for the City
    In the city you are more likely to get in trouble for doing less than legal things such as public indecency so it’s a good idea to stick with tamer hen night dares.

    -Make up new foods from left overs and odds and ends in the freezer, give your creations dirty names and dare others to eat them.
    -Make up your own types of cocktail and name it after the bride. Than memorize what it’s made of and get as many people as you can to order the drink at the bar.

    Dangerous Hen Night Dares

    The city can be a fun place to do things that can be dangerous.
    -Play Nicky Knocky nine doors on a street far away from your house
    -Dress up in your wedding outfits and go tricker treating to friends and relatives, however at all costs stay away from where the groom is staying, it’s bad luck to see the groom before the wedding and you don’t want something as silly as your partner’s superstition ruining the wedding.

    Hen Night Dares You Can Do in the countryside

    Hen night that are on a farm can be exciting and unique. Having animals, barns and open land allows you to do things you couldn’t do in the city. The amount of weird and fun things on a farm depends how dirty your willing to get, what type of farm the hen party is on, and what type of girls are at the party.

    Timid Countryside Hen Night Dares
    For hen night goers that are city girls in the country there are some legal fun hen night dares you can do.
    -Take a bit and swallow part of some field corn.
    -Run naked though a field
    -Roll around in some hay
    -Put a garden hose in the campfire
    -Take pictures of you and your girls hen night and put them in neighbors mailboxes.
    -Dance with your dog

    Dangerous Country Hen Night Dares

    For the real adventurous tom boy girl there are lots of way to have fun on a farm.
    -If you have cows you can dare one of your friends to try to lasso a cow, its funnier if they’ve never done it before
    -One word, cow tipping, this is funnier if you do it in a neighbors farm, although you have to be careful not to get caught.
    -Ride the cow and pretend it’s a bull, this is a safer than actually riding a bull because you could get killed by a bulll.
    -Have one of the girls try and catch a piglet
    -Have one of the girls ride a pig for fun, there is little risk in this if the pig has no teeth or tusks.
    -Run to the mailbox naked and open and shut the mailbox and run back.
    -Run down a rural street naked.
    -Run down a rural town in your underwear

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  • Weddings, what a wonderful occasion, full of happiness and joy, celebrating the birth of a new union under God and State.

    However Weddings are also a time of loss, a loss of your sole proprietorship like life in turn for a new partnership life. This partnership will cost you your ability to choose other people to date and be reckless as you will belong to someone else and they to you.

    In this new union you will have to give up some of the  luxuries you used to enjoy. For example, drinking yourself blind and raising hell at the bars with your friends. In your new life you can still do these things but you have to remember that hurting yourself may hurt your partner, so you have to take it easy.

    Taking it easy doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. In fact its the total opposite, there are tons of games and activities to do that you may not have had time for in the past. One of those things is Hen night dares.

    What are Hen Night Dares

    What are hen nigh dares, you might ask? Hen night dares are a fun game that can be clean or naughty depending on the dares involved. However if you like the more fun, more risky naughty dares you have to be very careful not to have obscene dares. Also a naughty dare gone wrong can ruin a hen night and damage a girls self esteem. It’s best that you play it on the safe side for girls that embarrass easily, have low self esteem or obsess about the things that they did while intoxicated.

    What are Hen Night Dares you can do that are low Risk

    The first thing to having hen night dares that are lower risk is staying at a place where no one can see such as your house, one of your guests houses or a rented hall. Take away all cameras and cellphones for the event and lock them up. Now your guests will have less inhibitions as there will be no hard evidence that they ever did some of the things they did. Some hen night dares that are low risk:

    -Show your underwear
    -Take off your bra without taking off your shirt
    -Drink all of a drink without any pauses
    -Yell words that are typically considered immature such as the classic of yelling “Penis!”.

    What are hen night dares you can do that are higher risk

    Doing dares in a bar puts you at higher risk of being caught. Higher risk can be a lot more fun but you still have to make sure you don’t do something stupid that your going to regret. Other people in the bars can see you but that makes little difference, its there cameras you have to be worried about. Girls always have small cellphone cameras that could save a damaging picture of you. Doing silly and immature things are the best way to avoid doing something that your new husband or employer may disapprove of. Some hen night dares you can do that are higher risk:

    -Touch the bum of the ugliest guy in the room
    -Get a bra that is huge compared to your size and stuff it full(works better with small or skinny girls)
    -Find girls who look like the backstreet boys and boys who look like the equivalent of the spice girls

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  • Here are some cards to play hen night truth or dare with

    The Hen Night Truth or Dares

    • Have you ever lied to your best friend?
    • Have you ever stripped danced for a boyfriend?
    • Have you ever done it in public?
    • Have you ever eaten something off the floor?
    • Do you have any secret tattoos? Where are they?
    • Have you ever had did it with someone else’s boyfriend?
    • Lick another girl in the rooms neck
    • Spill your drink and lick it up
    • Kiss a girl in the room on the mouth
    • Pretend your a boy
    • Pretend you have a penis
    • Take off your bra without taking off your shirt
    • Take off your underwear without taking off your pants.(quite hard)
    • Do a strip tease for the group
    • Pretend your Britney Spears
    • Pretend your Justin Timberland
    • Pretend your the Groom
    • Pretend you’re the bride and groom on honeymoon
    • Pretend you’re the bride and groom having bedside convo.
    • Take off your shirt
    • Pinch someone’s butt
    • Give someone your drink
    • Do 10 push ups
    • Smack someone’s bottom
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  • Looking for different games you can play on that special someones hen night? Look no further. Hen night is a great time for the girls to get together and have fun and here are some games you can play on that great night.

    Hen Night Dares and Forfeits

    Hen night dares and forfeits is a game where you either use a bottle / spinner or a deck of cards. With the bottle / Spinner you spin the object yell a dare while its spinning and whomever it stops on has to do the dare!

    With cards it’s basically the same thing. You draw a card and read it for the next person. This method ensures that no one gets missed out on.

    Hen night truth or dare

    Remember when you were just a little girl? Playing truth or dare at your friend’s party? This is the exact same game with the same kind of embarrassing, fun results. You take turns asking truth or dare and if the person foolishly says truth, than you get to learn something new and unique. The smart people always say dare, because it’s more fun and less risky.

    Hen Night Drink Con

    This requires you’re at a bar. The object of the game is to get the most drinks bought for yourself using any means at your disposal. The only rule is you can’t give cash or anything worth value to anyone who buys you a drink or that drink does not count. The person who gets the most drinks bought gets another drink bought from each and every other girl at the hen night party.

    Hen Night Lick the Bottle

    This one is for the bride and a competitor. The bride and a competitor both are blindfolded and given a bottle to lick, they must pretend this bottle is the man part of their soon to be husband or one of their lucky boyfriends. Each girl needs a piece of paper to give a secret mark out of ten for the bride and competitor for looks, style and pleasure. Add the totals up at the end, the winner gets to drink both bottles (after they have been washed of course!).

    Put the Condom on the Banana

    This is a race for all the girls, the idea is to take an opened condom and put it on the banana using only your teeth as fast as possible. If the banana gets damaged by your teeth, he’s bleeding so he no longer is in the mood and you are out.

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  • When planning a hen night party, you should always remember what makes a great party. The things that make a great party are drinks, snacks, games and talking. Out of the things that make a party great, talking is the most important. How do you get people talking? With a fun game of course! The best game to get people talking at a hen night is hen night dares and forfeits.

    Hen night dares and forfeits is a game where you take turns daring people to do things and if they cannot do the item requested than they have to forfeit something.

    What kind of things can be forfeited in Hen night dares and forfeits?

    When thinking of things that can be forfeited it is best to think of things that someone has to give up rather than do. Doing things is basically another dare and what happens if they cannot or do not want to complete the dare. Not doing the forfeit would ruin the game for everyone. One thing you can do is make them give up something they have. Something they have such as the following.

    -Make them give up their drink. Most girls at parties love their drink and will do almost anything not to have it taken away (unless their rich or can easily get a guy to buy them another).

    -Make the girl give up an article of clothing temporary. This is good incentive especially if you’re at bar. This does not work for an exhibitionist who may actually purposely fail or refuse to do a dare just so she can take off a piece of clothing. If this is the case it is best that you have the next item as your forfeit.

    -Make the girl give up a piece of clothing permanently. This is a great incentive as most girls love their clothes and would be unlikely to let them go easily. The person who said the dare gets to keep the clothes. However this can cause bad blood in a group and should only be used when someone refuses to do an dare or the whole group agrees that she did not do the dare.

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  • Here is a hen night dare list of ideas for your hen night.

    Hen night dares at the bar scene

    -Dare one of the girls to bite a stranger on the leg. If she leaves a mark, everyone at the hen night party has to buy her a drink.
    -Dare one of your friends to speak in a foreign accent and order drinks. Consider daring her to do one that she could not possibly be, if shes white have her do an Jamaican accent. If she is black, consider having her do a Jewish or Italian accent.
    -Dare one of the party animals at your hen night to kiss the next boy she sees. She gets extra points if she gives him a lot of tongue.
    -Dare one of the girls to get a piece of gum from the mouth of another guy or girl. She gets brownie points if she gets Icebreakers gum.
    -Dare one of the wild ones to flirt with a stranger until he or she buys her a drink, after which she must immediately stop talking to him and tell him that her friends are waiting.
    -Dare one of the girls at the hen night party to go up to the ugliest man in sight and pinch his butt. When he turns around say “Sorry. I mistook you for another person” and than roll your eyes.
    -This one is not for the weary of heart. Dare one  of the girls to go up behind a guy and passionately kiss his neck. When he turns around tell him that “Your not a piece of candy” or something equally outrageous and storm away angrily. If she can act like she is very intoxicated(she may not have to pretend) or on drugs this is even funnier.
    -Dare one of the girls to choose a girl and ask for her telephone number. Do not explain why you are asking for her number and mention nothing about the hen party. If she asks for a reason simply answer, do I need a reason? If her response is yes, than walk away.

    Dares at the home

    -Dare one(or all) of the girls at the hen party to use play dough or a molding equivalent to make the private parts of both men and females. If the dare was extended to more than one person, vote for the best one, winner gets an extra drink.
    -Dare the bride to be take a beer bottle and pretend it is the penis of the husband to be. Have all the girls give her a one to ten in effort, pleasure(that the bottle is having) and looks.
    -Dare one of the girls to passionately kiss one of the other girls of her choice
    -Dare one of the girls to bite another girl on the neck.
    -Dare one of the girls at the hen night party to touch a different girls butt.
    -Dare one of the girls at the hen night party to beer bong an entire drink.
    -Dare one of the girls at the hen night party to chug all of her drink without stopping.

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  • You or your friend having a hen night party? Hen nights can be a bundle of fun if you know what sorts of things to do at them! Sorts of things you can do at your hen night party are obviously games, drinking, eating and talking.

    Games are a great way to get the party talking which the key to a successful hen night.

    A game that is commonly played at hen nights is hen night dares and forfeits. In hen night dares you either use cards or a spinner / bottle. With cards you read off the next card for the dare the next person must do or they lose their forfeit. A spinner or bottle is similar in that you must do what is asked by the person spinning the bottle, if the bottle or spinner lands on you. This adds an element of chance to the game and the request shouldn’t be totally outrageous because the person spinning the bottle could be the one picked! Here are some hen night dare ideas for making your own hen night dare cards.

    Hen night dares that have to do with dancing

    Dancing is a lot of fun at hen night parties, get the ladies to show off their skills and get their grove on with funky tunes from a mix tape.

    Hen night dares that have to do with singing / karaoke

    Belting out your favorite tune can be fun. Singing a childish one such as the Barney theme song can be a priceless moment. It doesn’t matter if your singing with the tape, or singing with background music. Its a great way to get everyone talking and laughing.

    Hen night dares that have to do with boys

    So the bride is getting married to one? That doesn’t mean in private she can’t make fun of all there unusual and distinctive qualities boys have. One of the major questions girls always ask boys is why they stink so much. These could make fun dares if your out in a bar or are able to get out in a busy street in the city. You can ask boys embarrassing things about why boys are a certain way or even pinch a little butt.

    Hen night dares that have to do with drinking

    Drinking is always an enjoyable experience. Why not make dares that incorporate your love of drinking into the hen night dare game. Such dares could include drinking a drink, beer bonging a drink, trying someone else’s favorite drink or even dumping a drink on a white shirt. If your hen night party is serving booze than make sure some of your dares have to do with drinking them.

    Hen night dares that have to do with confusing people

    Confusing people can be funny. You could walk up to some girl and ask her for her phone number and than not explain why your doing it. She may be a little shocked and might even think your a lesbian. Either way her response will be priceless.

    Now that you have a good idea where to start, start making your own deck of cards. You will make memories that last a lifetime.

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  • Hen night dare cards are a great way to get the party started. Unlike truth or dare cards, hen night cards are only dares.

    Here are 48 Hen night dare cards for your party. If you do not like some of the dares you can quickly and easily change them so that they work for your party. Some of these are tame and others are downright dangerous, this different levels of cards make the game seem random and make the draw process much more fun. These cards are made for a home party, if your going to a bar these won’t due as you will need ones that pertain to people you don’t know.

    Drink all of your drink in one chug. If you stop try again until you get it right.

    Pull a Mr. Bean and take off your under wear without taking off of your pants.

    Sing all the lyrics and dance to the song like a Virgin by Madonna.

    Sing all of the lyrics to Don’t Stop Believe’n by Journey

    Kiss the person to the left of you

    Kiss the person to the right of you

    Kiss the person across from you.

    Take off your Bra without taking off your shirt.

    Pinch the closest person

    Pretend to be a turtle being attacked by a hawk

    Pretend to be the groom

    Pretend to be the bride

    Pretend to be the groom and have the person to your right be the bride than pretend to have a conversation in the future.

    Call up one of your old boyfriends.

    Call 1800-265-4873

    and ask for Bob.

    Switch socks with someone in the room

    Switch shirts with someone in the room

    Pretend your a dog and beg for a treat for everyone.

    Pretend to be Britney Spears

    Pretend to be Justin Timberland

    Pretend to be Micheal Jackson

    Pretend to be Angelina Jolie

    Pick your nose

    Pretend to be a boy

    Pretend to be a girly girl if your a tomboy or a tomboy if your a girly girl.

    Pretend your ordering a double double at Tim Hortons and the person getting the order never gets it right.

    Pretend your from Pakastan

    Pretend your from China

    Pretend your from Russia

    Pretend your from India

    Pretend your on drugs

    Pretend your the person to your left

    Sing all of the words to the Barney Theme song

    Sing all the words to My Bubble Bee Song

    Lick the person to your rights ear

    Lick the person to your lefts ear

    Call up a random 1800 number and ask for your friend Bobby Sue.

    Dance with either the dog or cat of the house

    Take off your shirt

    Take off your pants

    Take off your socks

    Lucky you, your hen night dare card says do nothing!

    Serve everyone drinks

    Fetch some food for the group

    End the game now

    Smack the behind of everyone at the party

    Declare Im a horny bitch!

    Chug a cold one down.

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  • A hen night isn’t a hen night without the fun of at least one hen night dare game. Hen night dare games are fun for everyone at the party and can be scandalously exciting. One option for having hen night dares is spin the bottle.

    Hen night dares with spin the bottle are simple. The hen starts and says a dare and then spins the bottle. The person the bottle points to has to do the dare. Once that person has successful completed the dare they get to choose a dare and then spin the bottle. There is a chance they will hit themselves so they can’t make it too embarrassing. If the person refuses to do the dare (a party pooper) or cannot complete the dare, the person who spun the bottle last spins the bottle again and calls out a new dare.

    Hen Night Dares With Cards

    Hen night dares can be played with cards. You simply buy these cards from websites that sell them (try Ebay). These cards have dares printed on them that are simple, not too outrageous and fun. It also saves having to think while you’re intoxicated if you’re drinking at your hen party. Thinking while you’re intoxicated can be a real pain.

    Hen Night Dare Forfeits

    As incentive to do the hen night dares, you should have hen night forfeits. This is something that someone has to do or loses if they cannot do a dare. These things should generally be worse than the dare itself to encourage the person to do the dare. If someone does not do the dare it kind of ruins the game for everyone so only invite people who aren’t stubborn and are willing to let loose and have some fun!

    Hen Night Dare Rules

    Some things about hen nights you should know is that you have to make sure everyone gets a turn to ask dares and to do dares or otherwise it’s no fun. If you’re spinning the bottle and someone hasn’t got a turn than spin the bottle than grab it and point it at the person. This will guarantee that they got pointed at by the bottle.

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  • When planning your friends hen night, you may want to spend as little money as possible and get as much fun as possible. There are several ways to get the cheapest hen night party and using hen night dares you may be able to reduce other expenses.

    Where to have free hen night dares

    There are two options for having a hen night, the first one is at your house where you would be required to buy the drinks. The second option would be dressing up as bride and maids of honor and going out to the bars. Of course you would be wanting to go to a bar that doesn’t have a cover fee, to keep it free.

    Use the dares to get free stuff

    When your out at the bar, not only are you out and about with other people, your also in a great place to get as many free drinks as possible. When the bride is in her hen outfit and the girls in their matching outfits, there will be no doubt that people will offer to buy you drinks to join in the celebration.

    Free Hen Night Dares

    Most of the things you can get at a hen night are free. The following dares can be used at home but are best used at the bar. When planning your friends hen night you have to decide where your going to be and how risky you want to take the party to. The more risky you take it, the more fun. However if something does go wrong, it can be devastating(the chances are slim) and could damage a girls self esteem and depending on the gag, her reputation.

    When in a bar there are tons of free ways to have fun.
    -Con a male into buying you an expensive drink
    -Con a female into buying you the cheapest drink in the bar(this one is tough)
    -Dance like a robot
    -Dance like Elmer Fud
    -Dance like a chicken
    -Dance like a zombie
    -Grid with the closest person
    -Make out with the first guy willing
    -Chew gum and kiss a guy and pass him your gum with your teeth
    -Ask the most beautiful girl in the room for her phone number, don’t explain why your asking
    -Give ten guys a number of some girl you don’t like
    -Trade shirts with the first girl willing
    -Trade shirts with the first guy willing
    -Score a pair of underwear
    -Make out with a bouncer
    -Make out with a bar tender
    -Ask people to take pictures of you with their camera
    -Ask to take pictures of other people with your camera
    -Ask someone if you can get a picture of you and them kissing
    -Score a half drank drink
    -Score someone half chewed gum
    -Ask the highest looking person if their on drugs
    -Pinch the butt of the ugliest guy in sight
    -Pinch the butt of a random girl

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